About our Sunday School Class

The Challenge

One of our lessons in Sunday School was about the condition of our hearts and how our life reflects the Holiness of God. Just about every believer has some good influence he or she might not be aware of, some kindness or grace offered to someone in need, or some words of encouragement that have touched someone's heart. For the next year our Class has volunteered to perform random acts of kindness in our community and when appropriate leave a card to encourage the person who received the act of kindness to pay it forward. (Click here to learn more about our Sunday School Class)


Ideas for an Act of Kindness

  • Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Pay someone’s parking ticket
  • Rake leaves for a neighbor
  • Leave a gift card at a drive-through window
  • Take a homeless person lunch
  • Leave candy in the cable guy’s van
  • Send flowers to a rehab facility
  • Pay off a lay-away bill
  • Buy hot chocolate for a veteran
  • Pay an elderly couple’s bill
  • Write your kindergarten teacher a thank you note
  • Bill a client at $0.00.
  • Leave cash-filled post-it notes
  • Leave thank you cards for your sanitation crew
  • Leave a surprise treat in someone’s grocery cart
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Donate a toy to a group like the Salvation Army
  • Donate to a local blood drive
  • Take a pet to visit a senior citizen
  • Give clothes to Goodwill
  • Send a treat to a day care center
  • Volunteer to read in a school
  • Pick up trash you see